Friday, November 19, 2010

Famous Celebrity with Twins Children

From a Canadian diva to a "Sex and the City" star, it seems everyone in the entertainment biz is having twins lately. Here are some tips if you have twins of your own at home.

Nelson and Eddy
This superstar singer mom and manager dad reportedly tried for years for a sibling for their older son before the birth of their twin boys.
Dolly and Charlie
The twin girls are the first children for an "X-Men" actress and a television actor.
Finley and Harper
Their mom -- the only child of this musical icon -- already had two teenagers when the twin girls were born.
Eden and Savannah
Their red-headed mom had to work around her pregnancy while shooting her popular TV series.
D'Lila and Jessie
The twin girls of a superstar rapper-producer-actor and his on-again-off-again girlfriend landed their first magazine cover while they were still in diapers.
Thomas and Zoe
Their movie star dad went on to produce a documentary inspired by the life-threatening ordeal his twins went through.
Marion and Tabitha
The twin girls -- born via a surrogate -- have an older brother and live with their actor mom and actor dad in New York City.
Knox and Vivienne
The photogenic twins and their four older siblings have one of the most famous couples in the world for parents.
Max and Emme
Their singer-actress mom and singer-actor dad were already bringing them onstage before their first birthday.
Barbara and Jenna
The daughters of a well-known political family spent their formative years in a famous house.
Hazel and Phinnaeus
The fraternal twins live with their Oscar-winning mom, cameraman dad and younger brother on a ranch in New Mexico.
Dexter and Frank
Their jazz singer mom and singer-songwriter dad have already brought the twin boys on the road with them.
Slater and Bronwyn
This Oscar-nominated mom and Tony-nominated dad welcomed the twins to their family with the help of a surrogate.
Rodney Jr. and Ryan
Their actress mom and former football star dad became autism advocates after Rodney Jr. was diagnosed with the disorder.
Grace and Ava
The twin daughters of a former soccer star and a Major League Baseball All-Star have big athletic shoes to fill.
Schuyler and Aquinnah
The uniquely named daughters and their two siblings are the offspring of an actress mom and an acting dad who met on the set of a 1980s sitcom.
Max and Bob
Their headline-making sitcom star dad and real estate investor mom recently filed for divorce.
Darby and Sullivan
The "McDreamy" dad and his wife already had a daughter when they gave birth to twin sons in 2007.
Olivia and Malcolm
Their Oscar-winner dad and actress mom met on the set of a TV movie and have two more children.
Miller and Johnnie
Their parents -- a rock musician and an actress -- are going through a messy breakup.