Saturday, August 21, 2010

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Despite the fact that Microsoft has not made any official statements on the subject of the release of this latest in a German online store, among other products appeared Mouse Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. It is a new touch version of the well-known Microsoft Arc Mouse. But now the mouse is not only acquired a touch scrolls, but can change shape - may be curved (like the first version), and may become completely flat. As for the curved shape, everything is clear, but as regards the flat mode, then there are some issues ... But there is speculation that in this mode it can turn into something like the trackpad, or not at all clear what is the meaning of such a flat mouse. As for the other characteristics, there is also the battery indicator, on / off button, the ability to work on virtually any surface (due BlueTrack-sensor). Also included - 2.4 GHz nano-receiver. We'll get this mouse