Friday, November 30, 2007

Real Burned Humans

Real Burned Humans

Adam. Age 15 In 12 years, when he played with friends, and acid gas exploded directly to him. The father immediately came to his assistance and put in bath water.

Alvaro. Age 21 In 2000, a big fire at Seaton Hall University. He was one of the students who suffered in it.

Brian. Age 26 In 14 years, he played with friends fireworks. Suddenly, one flew to salute him and set fire to his t-shirt. His immediately to the hospital

Fernando. In the New Year's Eve 2005, he got in an accident with friends. Flames engulfed the Machines. When he selected from a burning car, he damaged a hand and head.

Jabril Coming home after school, he started to play with matches in their room. Fire accidentally T-shirt. He ran into the street for help, but on the road fell from the staircase.

Jelani. Age 21 At age 12 years, would not fire at home, ignited carpet near the fireplace. Burns had been received in the fight against fire.

Maria The fire took her mum and sister. Fire and smoke, and nearly took her life. The father was at that time at work

Nelson The fire would not at night when the whole family slept. In a matter of seconds the flames engulfed the whole house.

Shayla. Age 14 Its been five years when the brother of a joke threw lighters in her bed. It has lost some limbs and the possibility of having children. Now the leader of a girl in the class and wants to become a stylist.

Becky and Louise The fire took a lot of relatives sisters. After the fire started on the other sisters embraced life and history and is now studying law at the University of Lincoln